May 29th Post

As part of my Thesis preparation, I am editing footage I shot throughout the past two years of my dad. He has deteriorated quickly in the past year and we almost lost him last summer. It was difficult for me last summer b/c I received a summer assistantship from UNCG to study him the entire summer which involved me piecing his life together. I traveled to Orlando, Chicago, Philadelphia and Canton, OH. I found a great deal about his life through public records, newspaper articles and his friends and teammates. In July 2009, he got pretty sick and was in the hospital for a while and was moved to the Hospice facility in Winston-Salem, NC. I had to prepare myself for the fact that he might die that summer and I was not done with my research. I think this was one of the most difficult times in my life. I finished the research I intended to accomplish and he ended up get stronger and went back to his skilled care nursing facility. He is a fighter!
I am going to film him this summer to show the progression of the disease in just one year. I also am planning to interview my sisters and a few more football players.


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