Pihos: Life in Five Movements

Pihos: A Life in Five Movements is a feature-length documentary about Pete Pihos’ life and my journey to rediscover it.  My dad is a Hall of Fame football player, a WWII veteran, and a first generation Greek immigrant. But, at the end of his life he was overwhelmed by a disease that he fought hard but couldn’t beat. This disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, not only took away his health but also his memory. This film will be a documentary that journals my travels to revisit the places of my father’s life. It will recall, on-screen, the memories he lost for the rest of the world to cherish alongside me.

Melissa Pihos


We are in Pre-production and we just received fiscal sponsorship for our project through the NYFA.  Once we set up our sponsorship page, I will post it on the blog.  Exciting!


One thought on “Pihos: Life in Five Movements

  1. I have looked for this documentary everywhere. Was it never finished? If it was, where can I purchase a copy? I am a big fan of your father’s!

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