The Onset of Alzheimer’s, excerpt from PIHOS A Moving Biography- Ailey DanceTheater, NYC-July 2012

Dear Dad, Solo, June 2013

The Onset of Alzheimer’s – excerpt from PIHOS: A Moving Biography march 2011

Group Consciousness (revision) with Projections by S. Cagney Gentry, UNCG Spring 2013 Departmental Concert April 2013

The Wives, from Pihos; A Moving Biography, March 24 and 25, 2011

Group Consciousness – by Melissa Pihos – spring 2010

Worked with the idea of group versus the individual.  What type of behavior takes place within a group?

Stairs- Melissa Pihos and Kelly Ozust

Encircled, performed at CPCC Fall 2013

Encircled – Salem College Dance Company Performance

Memories Connect – Salem College Dance

Created Single Sister in December 2011 for the Salem College Dance Company..Researched the founding sisters of Salem College who bravely walked from PA to NC and began the Single Sisters House. The Single Sister House is still on campus and their writings and drawings still remain on the walls upstairs.

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