Pete Pihos

My father, Pete Pihos passed peacefully in his sleep at around 1:40 am the morning of August 16 after a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease. He was a great man but most of all a loving father.


Football Bio

Pete Pihos began his nine-year National Football League career as a two-way end with the Philadelphia Eagles in 1947. When the platoon system was instituted, his coaches decided to have him concentrated on playing offense.

Then in 1952, the Eagles suddenly found themselves in need of a defensive end. Without a second-thought they called on the versatile Pihos, who not only stepped in, he earned All-NFL honors. Then for the remaining three years of his career, he switched back to offense and led the league in receiving all three seasons.

Pihos was the Eagles third-round draft choice in 1945, but two years of the military service prevented him from joining the team until 1947. One of the truly great iron men of pro football, during his nine seasons of play, he missed just one game.

Immediately after Pete joined the Eagles, the team marched to its first divisional championship. In the playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers for the Eastern Division crown, he blocked a punt to set up the first touchdown in the Eagles 21-0 win. Philadelphia won three straight divisional championships and then back-to-back NFL titles by shutout scores. In 1948, the Eagles defeated the Chicago Cardinals 7-0. One year later, Pihos caught a 31-yard touchdown pass in the Eagles 14-0 win over the Los Angeles Rams.

Although Pihos lacked great speed, he was a consistently outstanding pass receiver with sure hands, clever moves, and courage. Any defender who battled Pete for a pass was bound to get the worst of it physically. He played it clean, but very hard and, after he caught a pass, he ran like a bulldozing fullback. Pete led the NFL in receiving from 1953 through 1955 and earned first-team All-Pro or All-League honors six times and was named to six Pro Bowls.

Contact Info:

2755 Winslow Lane

Winston-Salem, NC  27103


12 thoughts on “Pete Pihos

  1. Mellisa,

    I have emailed you earlier your father had coached my father in college football, in fact I just got off the phone with him.. your dad was very special to him.. which means the world to my dad is very special to me, when he speaks highly of someone.. Mr Pihos had to be awesome. Anyway my father would love to speak of email with you about him.
    Please feel free to email me at

    Best Regards,

    Joe Exley

  2. Hi, Melissa, I wrote a tribute to your dad a couple of years ago when Eagles Eye was with Now we’re with Bloguin at . You were so gracious to me and my father who was greatly inspired by your dad. I hope to get a report from you shortly on how you and your dad are doing these days. I can’t wait to see your documentary film production. Please know you are always in my prayers. —Tom at Eagles Eye

  3. I wish to send my message of condolences on this most difficult hour. Your father was a great, legendary football player and he will missed.

    my prayers and sympathies to youand your family. Gone but, not forgotten.

  4. It was a shock to hear the news of your dad’s passing on… but I was also proud of him and his family that the world truly did notice…

    Comfort and condolences to you in this difficult time… I pray Pete is liberated into a brave new world where he runs free again with the wind…

    Yours, Tom at Eagles Eye

  5. Melissa,

    I just happened to come across an article in today’s NY Times announcing the passing of your dad. Please accept my sincere condolences for your loss.
    Although I had never heard of or knew the name Pete Pihos, I nevertheless was attracted to the article by the Greek sounding last name. After reading the article and also seeing your inspiring and moving documentary – Dear Dad – I came away quite impressed and proud of your dad’s biography and his courageous battle with Alzheimer’s. A true modern-day Greek ‘warrior” in every sense of the word: from the battefield to the gridiron and ultimately his battle with a dreaded disease!

    What an inspiration to us all!

    G. Kostis
    New Jersey

  6. Melissa – I appreciated reading all that you and your Mom have done for your Dad. My father, Ed Elsner, was a friend of Pete Pihos at Indiana University and I remember hearing from my Dad how great a football player Pete was at I.U. I am thankful that you have devoted so much energy to caring for him and letting everyone know his story.

  7. Dear family members, Please accept my sympathy as a football fan and high school player on the passing of Pete Pihos (though late). I got to know Pete through two football cards of my brothers and later articles through my life. Pete retired the year before I started to watch the Giants games every Sunday so I do not have the privilege of having seen him play in my childhood. From the pictures and articles I learned how great a player and human being Pete was. Pete is my second favorite offensive end of all time. Sincerely, Marv Duchow

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